Our Mission.

Our mission is to assist our clients to reach their personal objectives by building and protecting their wealth.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to be the most trusted financial planning firm servicing our local Sydney community offering comprehensive, practical and easy to understand financial advice to professionals and small business owners.

Why Tudor?

Our knowledge and experience helps you with:

Ø  Leadership to guide you through the complexities of financial planning. We use our knowledge and expertise to develop the strategies and solutions that best meet your needs.

Ø  Support and perspective to keep you on course and avoid making inappropriate decisions when the ride gets a little bumpy.

Ø  Focus you on your long term plans. We constantly monitor your portfolio to ensure you remain on track to achieving your goals.

Ø  Rational and unbiased perspectives to help you formulate realistic, practical and achievable goals.

Ø  Ongoing discovery of issues or opportunities as your goals, attitudes or relationships change to make certain your plans are still relevant to your circumstances.

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our Licensee

Professional Wealth Services Pty Limited is an Australian Financial Services Licensee (No. 312047) solely owned by its Principal,  Don Jeffers.

Naomi Rosenthal (269088) is an Authorised Representatives and Tudor Investassure Pty Ltd (245753) is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Professional Wealth Services Pty Ltd Australian Financial Services Licence No. 312047 ATF Professional Wealth Services Unit Trust | ABN 58 174 609 776 | Ground Floor, 100 Walker Street North Sydney NSW 2060 | PO Box 1142, North Sydney NSW 2059 | www.pws.net.au.

Complaints Handling

We are committed to providing quality advice to our clients. This commitment extends to providing accessible complaint resolution mechanisms for our clients. If we have failed to meet your expectations, you should initially discuss your concerns with your adviser. If the problem is not resolved, you should contact the Compliance Manager at Professional Wealth Services on (02) 9455 0665 or in writing to PO Box 1142, North Sydney NSW 2059.

If you are still not satisfied, you can refer the matter to the Credit & Investments Ombudsman, which can be contacted by phone on 1800 138 422 or in writing to PO Box A252, Sydney South NSW 1235.

ASIC regulates all holders of Australian Financial Service Licenses including Professional Wealth Services. It can be contacted on 1300 300 630.

General Advice Warning and Tax Warning.

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Corporate Authorised Representative of
Professional Wealth Services Pty Ltd Australian Financial Services Licence No. 312047 ATF Professional Wealth Services Unit Trust | ABN 58 174 609 776
Office: Ground Floor, 100 Walker Street, North Sydney NSW 2060 | www.pws.net.au