Naomi Rosenthal Nominated for
National Women’s Financial Advice Award
Naomi Rosenthal,Financial Planning Consultant with Tudor Investassure Pty Ltd in Roseville Chase, has been nominated for the 2011 Female Excellence in Advice Award ( This Award recognises professional excellence and outstanding work in addressing the particular issues faced by many women in achieving financial security now and in the future.
“We operate a ‘family’ focused business, specialising in helping families and small businesses with their financial needs. Women and mothers represent an extremely important role in the family unit, so our business must be aligned with the needs of women,” said Naomi.
“I am honoured and excited to be part of this award as it respects the role I play for my clients and in my community as a financial adviser passionate about leading and educating women to better understand how to make the most of their financial resources.”
The Female Excellence in Advice Award is sponsored by the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), TOWER Australia – the country’s largest life insurance specialist – and Sydney’s Macquarie Graduate School of Management.  These institutions have joined forces to encourage female advisers to take leadership roles in the currently male-dominated financial advice profession.  The Award recognises the achievements of female financial advisers in the workplace and their commitment to assisting women to gain financial stability and peace of mind.
“Naomi has been signalled out by her industry peers as someone who is tackling this serious problem and is working towards being a part of the solution,” said CEO of TOWER Retail Life, Brett Clark.
“Far too many women are under-insured and under-resourced for retirement.  Research tells us that in Australia, half of women between the ages of 45 and 59 have less than $8,000 in superannuation.  At TOWER, less than one fifth of income protection policies are held by women and yet women make up half of the workforce in this country.”
The CEO of the Association of Financial Advisers, Richard Klipin, also congratulated Naomi Rosenthal on her nomination.
“With this nomination, Naomi has been recognised for her professional achievements and her efforts to reach out to women of all ages in all situations to help them secure their financial future.”
For more information please contact Naomi Rosenthal on 02 9417 6011, or email