There’s you. There’s your partner. Your children. Perhaps their children, or not yet if you have a young family. There’s your parents. There’s your siblings. Your second family from your third marriage. And the list can go on. The inter-connectedness of you and others and the dynamic nature of your financial affairs is a tree with many branches.
As a younger parent, you’re likely concerned about your children’s welfare and what would happen if you were no longer around or too sick to care for them. Do you have the capacity to leave your family with the financial resources they need to continue on?
As an older parent, you may be concerned that your retirement plan could be jeopardized by the sickness or injury of your adult children. You likely want to ensure your grandkids get the best education they can and your children may not be in the optimal position to provide for more options with their schooling.
At Tudor Investassure we understand family. We know the tree can get complex and complicated. We know the importance of looking after the ones you love. That’s why we’ve created our Family Benefits Offer.
For our valued clients of Tudor Investassure, we’d like to ensure the people in your life have access to good quality financial services too. As such, for any family member in your Family Tree*, at no initial cost or obligation, we will:

  • Provide a 30 minute consultation to understand their needs and determine how we can assist
  • Produce a Family Tree report highlighting areas of concern
  • Provide a free Life Risk Assessment report and case studies

To book a consultation with or for your family, [click here] or call us today on 02 9417 6011.

*Your Family Tree: Parents, Partner, Siblings, Children (includes blended family relationships)
Only valid for existing clients of Tudor Investassure