Since November last year I've been on a journey to better health and fitness. Back then I started fitness training and I've been consistently attending a few days a week since. Loving it! Also, with the move to our new office in North Sydney, I now have a 40 minute round trip walk each day to and from the train station.

In January I transformed my diet, cutting out 80% at least of sugars, white foods (bread, potato, rice, pasta etc) and dairy and substantially increasing my intake of vegetables.

A few weeks back I began the 5:2 fast diet (read more here).

The impact on my wellbeing has been quite evident and I feel healthier and happier.

What could possibly make this journey even better?

If you're also on a path to better health or if you think it's time to start or even if you're already there and regularly maintaining a fitness regime and healthy eating plan, then you could benefit from a new programme called AIA Vitality.

Life insurance company AIA Australia introduces AIA Vitality, the science-backed wellness program that works with you to make real change to your health. It keeps you motivated by adding up the benefits of every healthy choice you make, however small. So, you can live a healthy life that's rewarding in every way.

All you have to do is know more about your health, work towards improving it and get rewarded along the way.

For our existing clients with an AIA policy, contact us if you're interested in joining the programme . You can see more here.

If you do not have an AIA policy, contact us to discuss your situation and whether an AIA policy and the AIA Vitality programme is right for you.

I'll be signing on and I hope you can join me on the path to better health and wellness.