Do you suffer FOMO? The increased usage of social media has brought to light a new anxiety condition called FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out. It is where social media users who are away from or unable to check their social network accounts fear missing out on events, news and important status updates.

A survey conducted recently by found 56% of the 2,084 adults sampled on their social media use claimed they do have FOMO.

For users between 18 – 34, 61% juggle multiple accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) and spend an average of 31 minutes or more checking these accounts daily.

Is it an addiction? Twenty-six percent of respondents said they would trade such habits as smoking cigarettes or reality TV for access to social networking sites.

However, the study also highlighted the frustration and backlash social media is causing due to FOMO. 52% have either taken or have considered taking a break from their social media accounts in the past year.

This video wonderfully expresses the phenomenon -

What’s now happening is a Real Life Renaissance, where the pendulum has swung in the other direction and people are actually getting off their smartphones and back into real life. Social Media is limited to sight and hearing however humans desire and need to have all five senses activated for fulfilling engagement.

One of our global fund managers has noticed this trend back to real life and has sought out companies and investment opportunities that reflect the move away from the digital and virtual culture in favour of full-sensory products and services as digital saturation reaches a tipping point. They are taking advantage of people’s desire to reconnect to the real world in five focus areas: live events, travel, social discovery (restaurants, coffee shops and pubs), healthy living and sports and outdoors.

In a consolidated market dominated by a few key players, Adidas is seen as a company that offers stable revenue growth and margin improvement. Product innovation and market dominance provide a backdrop to consistent growing revenue and with health and fitness being front of mind for people now compensating for their sedentary lifestyles, an investment in Adidas could reap rewards.

Our job is to seek out and find these fund managers. The fund manager’s job is to seek out themes like the Real Life Renaissance and build well diversified portfolios with quality companies such as Adidas, so that you benefit from our combined professional knowledge and expertise.

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