While it's lovely to get away and take the opportunity for time out in a tropical paradise such as Fiji, the key purpose of being there was to attend conference and take away as much as we can to better our business and improve on what we do for you.

Here, we share a few of the things we learned while on conference and we trust will be of value to you. We'd love you to share your thoughts with us via social media or in the comments section.


Be braver for 5 minutes longer

Todd Samson, CEO of marketing company Leo Burnett and co-creator of Earth Hour believes that those who can be braver for 5 minutes longer is what separates the good from the great. He's a guy that would know, having climbed Mount Everest unguided.

When you feel fear, taking action will help you overcome that fear.

Often in business, I find I shy away from being braver, particularly when it comes to making phone calls. Where does this call reluctance come from? Do you suffer from it?

When we anticipate the future, we more often than not build in fear, worry and a negative outcome, and therefore create an uninviting situation.

A strategy I have come to rely on when needing to make sales calls is to create a positive projection of the outcome, think positively, breathe deeply and focus on the present when on the call.

What do you do when faced with a nerve wracking situation? How can you be braver for 5 minutes longer?


Plan, prepare, practice, do

Alisa Camplin is an Olympic gold medal aerial skier, a senior executive for IBM, a motivational speaker, a charity worker, a business owner, and a mum. Her story is inspiring and demonstrates a dedication to achieving a goal no matter the obstacles.

She shared a simple technique of how to set goals and what steps to take to reach them. It seems crazy that a basic diagram could be all she needed to map out 8 years of her life to go from never having skied to being a winter Olympic champion, yet that's exactly what she did.

I will share her goal setting technique in the next newsletter and will look to introduce the concepts in discussions with our clients to help you map out some of your life goals so you can plan, prepare, practice and do.

What are some of your goal setting techniques and do you apply them to your financial goals too?


The little things are the big things

When you think about customer service, it's always the little, unexpected things that stand out and make it a memorable experience.

The Ritz Carlton are well regarded for their customer service, going the extra mile for their guests. Joshie the giraffe is just  one story (you can read it here).

But to make a memorable experience, you don't have to be as grandiose as the Ritz Carlton. It can be as simple as remembering names of children and asking after them, giving a gift of appreciation for when you first met your clients or even just knowing how a client takes their coffee.

In what ways would you like to be appreciated as a customer ?

What are some of your favourite and memorable customer service experiences?


Progress is more important than perfection

I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. (It's taking me forever to get this newsletter together as I worry about the words and whether the messages will be clear!)

Perfectionism can be limiting when it prevents you from making progress. This stalling until it's "just right " can mean it never gets done. And then where will you be?  Still in the starting blocks while everyone else is running the race!

For a perfectionist, it can be daunting to just put something out there when you feel it's not quite ready, but to make progress that's exactly what's needed. We often learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. Putting it out there can help you to tweak and perfect as you go, ensuring that you're always making progress.

What do you hold back from because it's not ready? What will you challenge yourself to make progress with?


Words matter

Marc Freedman, an advisor from the USA shared with us his thoughts on running a successful advice practice. How we position ourselves, by way of the words we use, matter.

We have always tried to put ourselves in our clients shoes and create correspondence that speaks to you and we are always seeking to improve our communication with you. We know our subject is complicated and we work hard to turn complex concepts into simple ideas that engage you to connect with your money.

To see the power of words, check out this great feel good video: https://youtu.be/Hzgzim5m7oU