Australia’s underinsurance problem is well documented and widely discussed.

But only when we put a human face to this phenomenon does all the talk start to become meaningful.

This video tells the story of Emma Bright, who just a short time ago, had the world at her feet, before tragically losing her husband in a motorcycle accident, and being left to raise their young son alone. 

Although Emma and her husband had some life cover in place it wasn't enough.

With the right insurance in place, Emma would be free to stay home, and care for her son. She would have the flexibility to decide if and when she returned to the workforce. She would be able to focus on moving forward – as much as one can – from a terrible tragedy.

Instead, she is worried about putting food on the table and keeping the electricity turned on, and being able to afford basics like car insurance, fuel costs and her mobile phone bill. These are everyday costs of living that don’t go away just because we've experienced a loss. At the moment, this means Emma is reliant on the meagre benefits that Centrelink can provide, just to get through from day-to-day.

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