While a broken arm or leg may not keep you off work, it is an inconvenience and it might put you out of pocket. What would a few thousand extra dollars do for you?

Many good quality Income Protection policies have a feature called ‘Specific Injury Benefit’ that will pay your monthly insured amount for a specific period of time regardless of whether you are totally disabled, need ongoing medical treatment or working. Plus, this benefit is usually payable during your waiting period.

For example, fracture of the upper arm can pay 2 months’ benefit or fracture of the jaw or collarbone (easy to do if you play rugby on the weekend!) will pay 1 months’ benefit.

Claiming for a specific injury will not have any impact on your future ability to claim and will not change your future insurance premiums.

Before you next step out of the house, make sure your Income Protection policy covers you for specific injuries.

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