You've sorted out your insurances, you've bundled together your superannuation, your investments are all ticking along nicely. You know who'll get your assets when you're gone. Hang on... your Will is up to date, isn't it? Or is it still on your to do list?
With work winding down for the festive season, the best time to make or update your Will is NOW. If you don't have a valid Will, the court will impose one on you. This means that the wrong people may receive your assets and a range of taxes (income tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty) will eat away at your estate's value.
Marriage and divorce revokes a Will in most States, so that Will you're planning to update may not even exist!
Without a valid and up to date Will and proper estate planning, you potentially leave your loved ones at the mercy of the courts, facing delays and paying more tax than is necessary.
We work with you and your solicitor to get your financial affairs in order so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets will fall into the right hands effectively and efficiently.
At Tudor Investassure, we help you to understand:
  • which assets fall into your estate
  • which assets require nomination of beneficiary
  • what type of beneficiary nomination is most suitable for you
  • which business or family structures will most effectively work for you today and for your estate
  • how you can create peace of mind no matter what happens

Give a gift that gives this holiday season and get your Will in place or updated!