Around this time last year I was in the gym boxing up a sweat 3 days a week. I was loving it and motivated to keep fit. When my long-term relationship ended mid -year I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed so early in the morning and it all felt pointless. The one thing I knew that would keep depression from the door was the one thing I gave away first, as it all seemed too hard.
By the time I felt ready to get back to the fight, I was no longer in the same financial position. The gym was no longer a luxury I could afford.
When setting my goals for this year, I wanted to be exercising on a daily basis.
To date, I’ve been managing an hour long walk a couple of days a week at most with a dear friend. Without her encouragement it’s unlikely I’d even be making this effort. I am active most days – anytime I have meetings in town, I powerwalk from my home in Pyrmont (usually because I leave no time to spare to make the meeting on time!). But it’s not enough and it doesn’t keep the endorphins pumping daily and the black dog behind me.
On the weekend, I had brunch with another friend. I mentioned how I wanted to get up early each morning and do some exercise but I struggled to get out of bed. And as we approach winter I can only imagine how much harder this will be! She asked, “do you want me to call you in the morning and get you out of bed?” My head screamed “no”, but my mouth blurted out “yes”. She made the commitment to call me as she knew it would be her motivator for daily exercise too. It’s been several days now and while I might whinge at her at 7:00 in the morning for the wake-up call, it is exactly what I need and it’s working. As the momentum builds, my motivation increases and the daily habit is entrenched, no doubt our calls will become less frequent (though just as important).
It can be hard sometimes to stay on track to achieve your goals and sometimes harder to even get started. This is why the fitness industry is booming, with revenue of over $1.2 billion in 2012 and over 4 million participants[1].
When it comes to money, a good financial planner is like your personal trainer. They will help you get started with one on one intensive sessions to understand your goals and situation, map out a course of action with appropriate strategies and product solutions, and help you implement the necessary changes. And once you’re on your way, regular check ins to ensure you’re staying on track and doing what needs to be done so you achieve what you set out to do.
When things change (whether in your life personally, with the markets or perhaps legislative change), your financial planner is there to help you re-evaluate your position and make the necessary adjustments. Keeping financially fit is about shifting poor money habits into successful strategies that once in place you can maintain on a daily basis.
When was the last time you had a financial check-up? Your financial habits and strategies may need adjusting or overhauling to reflect your current situation. Check in with us today.