As we head into Autumn and winter, this lovely warming soup full of healthy goodness is quick to whip up on a cold night.
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Serves 2

1kg carrots
1 1/2 cups low sodium vegetable stock ?or filtered water
3 potatoes, diced
1 brown onion, diced
3 cloves of garlic, diced
3 tbs wheat free tamari or soy sauce
2 tbs agave nectar or natural sweetener
1 tbs coconut oil
1 tsp powdered or fresh ginger
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbs seeded mustard

  Roast Carrot Soup

1. Pre-heat fan-forced oven at 200C.
2. Wash and cut carrots and potatoes into quarters and place on a baking tray that has been greased with a small amount of coconut oil.
3. Place in oven and roast until soft.
4. Roughly chop onion and place in sauce pan with a little bit of coconut oil and brown. Add 2tbs agave on a low heat and cook until caramelized then stir through garlic.
5. Place carrots, potatoes, onions, ginger, cayenne pepper, seeded mustard and veggie stock into blender or food processor and blend until creamy and reheat if needed. Add tamari sauce if you would prefer it to be salter. Serve with fresh wholemeal sprouted bread.