I hugged the man that shook the hand of Muhammad Ali. I engaged in conversation the man who’s conversed with the likes of Dame Edna Everage, Billy Connolly and Madonna. I met the man who's met everyone and I introduced the man who's met everyone to my dad. His arm wrapped around my shoulders as we stood smiling at the camera - and didn't he love it!

Sitting in the front row looking up at Michael Parkinson as he spoke about his life and the people he’s had the privilege to meet, was a magical hour. He interwove stories from those he’s met with stories of his own life, from his early childhood experiences and desire to never become a miner like his dad, stories about his love of cricket and stories of his passion for journalism.

We enjoyed video footage of moments with Muhammad Ali over various years – in his prime in 1971 and 1974, in his confrontation on the Parkinson Show with Joe Frazier and in his later years when you could see the effects the boxing had on him.

We watched Michael Parkinson go head to head with Kerry Packer over Tony Grieg and the World Cup Cricket scandal.

We watched Michael Parkinson flirt with Dame Edna Everage in a montage of humorous moments. He said that after a time it wasn’t so difficult to suspend his belief in reality and see her as the Dame she is.

What struck me though, as Sir Michael’s most important life lesson was his decision early in his career that he wanted to meet famous people. His singular passion and dedication to his journalistic career, his focus on his goal and the drive to achieve it were the only things that he needed to achieve his dreams. He did talk about being in the right places at the right times. But I think that when you are focused on pursuing your goals, you find yourself in the right place at the right time not because you “just” happen to be there or you’re “lucky”, but because you’re focused on your goal.

Whether you want to save for your first home, create wealth or protect your family, when you’re focused on your goals, you will find ways to successfully achieve them.
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