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How to avoid the baby gear buying traps

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Saturday, December 19, 2015, In : Financial Planning 

I was in the baby goods store with Lily when I notice a pregnant mum struggling to understand the differences between the myriad variety of baby bottles. I asked if I could offer her my opinion and we engaged in a brief conversation about the relative benefits of one type or brand over another.

Her trolley was full of stuff for the new baby and I offered one last piece of free advice: "don't overbuy before the baby comes, you won't know what you really need until it arrives." Good advice that ...

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Finance on the Go

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Saturday, August 15, 2015, In : General 

I'll admit I'm a bit of an iPhone addict. I'd be lost without my devices. However, on my recent trip to Fiji, a stay at an out of the way destination on the Coral Coast where access to WiFi was limited, gave me the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the web and enjoy the beautiful tropical oasis.

6 days later, I was back online and while I hadn't thought about it nor missed it, it was like I'd never left. I had things to do - Facebook items to post, credit card bills to pay before their ...

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Federal Budget 2015

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Thursday, May 14, 2015, In : General 

The government handed down the Budget this week. We run through a few of the items that may impact your financial situation.

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Budget Breakdown

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Thursday, May 22, 2014, In : General 

What does the Federal Budget mean for you?

You're probably over hearing about the budget. Well, just in case you've a little interest left in it, here are our take outs from last week's budget and what it means for you.

What does the Federal Budget mean for you?

When Joe Hockey stood in front of parliament and spoke about “fixing the Budget together”, he confirmed that the 2014 Federal Budget was going to be a tough one for many Australians.

Not surprisingly, most of the announcements relate...

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Federal Budget Update 2013

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Thursday, May 23, 2013, In : Financial Planning 
Did you pay any attention to the Federal Budget the other week? If not, here's a great run down on some of the changes and what it means for you from our friends at OnePath.
READ HERE: Federal Budget 2013
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Seven Deadly Financial Sins for Women (and some men!!)

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Monday, August 20, 2012, In : Financial Planning 
Unless we’re rubbing shoulders with A-listers or running a multi-million dollar fashion business, we need to invest time and effort if we want a successful financial future.
It seems that today’s woman can be easily distracted by the comforts that short term material wealth can provide and these ineffective money management habits are best described as Seven Deadly Financial Sins.
Sin one – Damsel in distress
Ladies (or fellas) in-waiting on the lookout for a knight in shining armour to r...
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Will your kids pay tax this year?

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Monday, July 18, 2011, In : Financial Planning 

In the most recent budget, the government changed the taxation laws such that minors receiving non-working income WILL NOT be entitled to the low income tax offset of $1,500 from 01 July 2011.


This means that if you have kids with investment monies (such as a bank balance that has accrued from all that birthday money), they might find they have a tax liability at the end of the financial year.


It also has an impact on your more complex affairs such as paying distributions from a famil...

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Budget 2011. Fizzle and plop.

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, In : Financial Planning 
From what I've so far read, there's not much to excite in this year's Federal Budget. In a way, that's quite nice - steady as she goes. But do Julia and Wayne have something up their sleeve to rock the boat (or dig the knife in)?
Two items of important note for our clients:
Contribution caps for over 50’s
There will be a change to the previously announced concessional contribution cap for those over 50 with a superannuation account balance of less than $500,000 (with effect from 1 July 2012, w...
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Financial Advising vs Personal Training

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Thursday, March 17, 2011, In : Financial Planning 

I was walking through my local park the other day. It has a number of areas for fitness training and most of them were being used by people receiving guidance from a personal trainer. The trainer was instructing them on how to do the exercise for maximum results and giving them encouragement to keep going.

When you first go to a personal trainer, they ask you all sorts of questions. How fit are you? What do you eat? How often do you currently exercise? What kinds of exercise do you do? What ...

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