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The Benefits of Infrastructure Investing

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Saturday, December 19, 2015, In : Investments 
For some time, we have been overweight to infrastructure assets in our client portfolios, believing these assets will provide the returns required for our clients over the longer term.

For an insight into one of the infrastructure funds we use in client portfolios, how it is positioned, where they are (or are not investing and why) and how it has performed recently, [this video] from Portfolio Manager Gerald Stack provides an update on the Magellan Infrastructure Fund.

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Sharemarket investor or business owner – which one are you?

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Friday, August 15, 2014, In : Investments 
Allan Gray Australia share their perspective on how to view the stock market and find worthwhile companies in which to invest.
[Click here] to read their August newsletter.
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What is the Disposition Effect?

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Thursday, May 22, 2014, In : Investments 

The disposition effect

All investors are prone to behaviours and emotions that can lead to poor investment decisions. One of the most common of these is the tendency to sell investments that have risen in value, and hold on to investments that have fallen in value. In 1985 two academics, Shefrin and Statmen, studied this behaviour and coined it the ‘disposition effect’.

The disposition effect quickly destroys value in two ways:

1.       An investor misses out on the returns of a rising...

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The Power of Compounding

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Tuesday, March 18, 2014, In : Investments 
Compounding isn’t a new concept – many of us will remember studying it back in our school days. Legendary scientist Albert Einstein famously called it ‘the most powerful force in the universe’, while American business magnate John D Rockefeller suggested compounding is the ‘eighth wonder of the world’.
These might sound like bold claims, but the power of compounding on an investment portfolio should certainly not be underestimated.

[Click here] to learn how compounding can work for...

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Are you suffering from FOMO?

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, In : Investments 

Do you suffer FOMO? The increased usage of social media has brought to light a new anxiety condition called FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out. It is where social media users who are away from or unable to check their social network accounts fear missing out on events, news and important status updates.

A survey conducted recently by MyLife.com found 56% of the 2,084 adults sampled on their social media use claimed they do have FOMO.

For users between 18 – 34, 61% juggle multiple accounts (...

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5 Lessons From the Rugby Field

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Monday, August 20, 2012, In : Financial Planning 
As I sat at the Gordon versus Parramatta rugby game on the weekend, I began to muse on what rugby could teach me about finance. Here are my 5 lessons from the rugby field.
1. You need good defence.
The Fullback stands several metres behind the back line, fielding any opposition kicks and is the last line of defence should an opponent break through the back line. He needs to have dependable catching skills and a good kicking game. Life risk insurance is your Fullback. It is there as the last lin...
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Will your kids pay tax this year?

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Monday, July 18, 2011, In : Financial Planning 

In the most recent budget, the government changed the taxation laws such that minors receiving non-working income WILL NOT be entitled to the low income tax offset of $1,500 from 01 July 2011.


This means that if you have kids with investment monies (such as a bank balance that has accrued from all that birthday money), they might find they have a tax liability at the end of the financial year.


It also has an impact on your more complex affairs such as paying distributions from a famil...

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Psychology of Investing

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Thursday, March 17, 2011, In : Financial Planning 

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At the annual conference I attended recently in Hobart, I had the pleasure of seeing
Peter Thornhill deliver a no-nonsense, emphatic and impassioned talk on his favourite topic – the boring world of the sharemarket. He says, “I prefer the safety and security of the sharemarket to risky assets like term deposits.” What the…?

He believes the share markets are guided by forces beyond reason. Their ups and downs can be linked to collective human behaviour, n...

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