Workshop Success!

It’s been a busy few months and at Tudor Investassure we never rest (except for weekends and holidays!).

We successfully launched the first in a series of interactive workshops on March 28th and we’re pleased to be hosting another one on Wednesday, 29th June.

Feedback from the participants included:

“The presenter was brilliant, able to make financial planning sound like fun and best of all understandable… You all should go as it is very worthwhile, at the very least an entertaining night. Not often you can say that about financial planning.”

“I took my daughter & her partner, this was their first financial planning seminar and they were very impressed. It gave us lots to think about and consider our financial futures! I would highly recommend the next one, even if you think you have your finances sorted, there were several things bought to my attention that I hadn't considered before!”

Places are strictly limited for this upcoming workshop, so if you and your spouse or business partner would like to attend, [click here] to register.


Paying Claims.

You spend years paying for insurance that you hope you never need, so it’s relieving to know that if you are a claim, the insurer will pay your benefits.

At Tudor Investassure we are currently assisting clients regarding 2 death claims and an income protection claim. We anticipate the death claims will be paid once all documentation has been collated and confirmed. The income protection claim is a complex case that stretches back a number of years and we are liaising with our client and the insurer to ensure our client’s situation is presented accurately.

We have recently secured Income Protection benefits for a client who is presently off work with an illness.

This type of work can take a lot of time and effort. We do not charge for this service, as it is included in our ongoing remuneration. We’re concerned however that if the government changes the legislation under the Future of Financial Advice reforms and bans commissions on life risk insurance (in super), not only will more people have less insurance, we would also need to charge a fee for our Claims Service. At this most difficult time, when you need great support and care, and often when you’re struggling to pay bills, would you want to receive another invoice?

We’d love your feedback on this issue. [Click here] to let us know your thoughts.


On a Personal Note.

Naomi has been busy presenting. For the last six months, she has presented 8 speeches at her Toastmasters meetings. One of her joys is the ability to put her Toastmasters skills to use and deliver presentations outside the Toastmasters environment.

She recently delivered a 10 minute presentation to her BNI networking group on SMART strategies for Risk and a 20 minute presentation to her SHE Business Australia group on the Four Rules of Money.

It is an honour to be able to speak in front of her peers and Naomi presented to her Millennium3 colleagues recently on the topic of the trials and challenges of implementing systems and processes in a financial planning practice.

In August this year, Naomi will have the privilege of co-hosting a Workshop on using Social Media in a personal advice practice at The Risk Store’s Annual Life Risk Forum.

On his birthday, Michael recently attended Dymock’s Literary Lunch with the launch of Nigella Lawson’s new book “Kitchen” on the menu. He was fortunate to win a free copy of the book, have it autographed by Nigella and enjoy a moment in her company.