In the most recent budget, the government changed the taxation laws such that minors receiving non-working income WILL NOT be entitled to the low income tax offset of $1,500 from 01 July 2011.


This means that if you have kids with investment monies (such as a bank balance that has accrued from all that birthday money), they might find they have a tax liability at the end of the financial year.


It also has an impact on your more complex affairs such as paying distributions from a family trust. And the further impact this has on future savings opportunities.



Financial Year

Tax-Free Income

Amount Invested in a bank
account at 6% interest








The above example shows that your children will start paying tax if they have more than around $7,000 sitting in a savings account.


We have a range of solutions to help you overcome this change in tax law. One of these is to utilize a great product packed with fantastic features and flexibility called an investment bond.


An investment bond has a 30% tax rate. Compare this to 66% tax rate for investment income between $417 and $1,307 and 45% above $1,307. This can give you tax savings up to 36%, keeping more money in your child’s pocket.


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