Kyla Shelley, Dee Why

Posted by Naomi Rosenthal on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 In : Testimonial 

I came across Tudor Investassure several years ago at a networking function and I got in touch when I was looking for a new financial advisor.

I’d had negative experiences with the management of my super in the past having seen much of it disappear and I was looking for someone who wanted to work with me on an ongoing, personal basis to rebuild my super and help me to protect my other assets.

Naomi restructured my super and insurances and we meet annually to review the results and make adjust...

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Sandy Casaroli, Chatswood

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

While working with a business coach defining my personal goals, it became clear that I needed a financial advisor to help me get my finances, in particular my superannuation, into shape.

My coach recommended I’d get in touch with Naomi Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure in Sydney.

I like Naomi.  She’s very personable and able to explain things in a very simple, easy to understand manner. She’s considerate of my personal circumstances and laid out a plan which she followed through to th...

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Amanda Webb, Ryde

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

“Finances are not my strong point — I don’t have a ‘numbers brain’ — so I rely on Naomi Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure’s excellent financial guidance. I can count on Naomi to do everything in her power to get the best possible financial results for me.

“By following Naomi’s advice, my financial situation has improved dramatically — in just two years I’ve gone from having a small super fund and no insurance coverage, to building up my financial portfolio and putting app...

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Nicholas Monteban, North Sydney

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

There’s a deep level of trust between us and Tudor Investassure’s Naomi Rosenthal. My mother has been a client for years.

I freely admit, I’m fairly financially naïve and trust Naomi completely.  Naomi is always upfront and transparent in declaring her fee structure.

I started out with Naomi on a smaller scale about 10 years ago.  But now that I’ve bought a house, (with my mother as guarantor), I needed to increase my insurance cover to protect her.

Naomi not only ensures that my ...

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Lesley & Alan Duncan, Chipping Norton

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

We knew we needed to do something about our financial security for our retirement. While we were still working, we found it really hard to put money into our superannuation account. It was very clear to us that we needed a professional who could guide us to achieve the best possible result.

After much deliberation and a couple of recommendations from family members, we decided to engage Tudor Investassure’s, Naomi Rosenthal. This was about 9 years ago. We can honestly say that this was th...

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Phil Beale, Toronto

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

I’ve been a client of Tudor Investassure since 1975 or 1976, first with Michael and now Naomi Rosenthal.

When Naomi took over from her father, I was more than happy to work with the “next generation”.

She’s bright, bubbly and full of energy. She understands people’s needs, and is transparent in regard to her responses.

Naomi is very open and I’ve found her advice very good. She really is quite a consummate professional with a good understanding of the current markets. I thoro...

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Ellis & Lyn Rosen, Mosman

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

We’ve been clients of Tudor Investassure for 30 or even 40 years.

Although we decided to engage a financial advisor, we have chosen to be active participants in regards to our financial affairs.

Things have been travelling along in a good direction over the years. We meet regularly to discuss our financial future and the structures that need to be set up.

We’ve started out with Michael and when Naomi joined the business she was always part of these discussions.

Naomi is now in cha...

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Kelly Noonan, Botany

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

Naomi Rosenthal has helped me achieve some really significant goals over the last 3 years.

Because of Naomi’s guidance and really practical advice, I’ve become completely debt free, in fact, I was able to save some money, and pay off two car loans.

Naomi is my financial planner, advisor and confidante.  Her financial “tough love” approach really works for me.

Naomi suggested I take out some income protection and trauma insurance. This proved to be excellent advice. When I broke m...

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Kristina Dijanosic, Chester Hill

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

I knew I needed to engage with a financial planner for quite some time, but I was extremely reluctant, because of some bad experiences years ago.

Obviously I’m older now, have more experience, and a better understanding of what to expect and ask of a financial advisor.

A friend of mine had engaged Naomi Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure, and suggested that I get in touch with her.

The moment I met Naomi, all my doubts were gone. I felt reassured.  Naomi was friendly and very professional...

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Adolfo Basa, Carlton

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

I have an “overall” interest in financial affairs, but not the nitty gritty parts of it. I read the financial papers, out of interest as well as to be able to make more informed decisions.

There really is only one reason for me to engage a financial advisor; to make money for me, and act in my best interest. I have no doubt that Naomi goes the extra mile for her clients; this seems to me to be part of the values the Rosenthal’s adhere to.

I started with Michael Rosenthal, who set up...

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Jim Ellis, Lane Cove

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 

I’ve been a client of Tudor Investassure, Sydney for about 7 or 8 years now and am really happy working with them.

I chose Tudor Investassure, because I was unhappy with the level of service and the advice I received from my previous financial advisor.

Naomi is very well organised and operates via a strict protocol and compliance regime.

Comparing Naomi Rosenthal to my previous experience really is like night and day.  Naomi and I have developed a relationship of trust and respect. She ...

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Ann Rondeau, Hornsby

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2014 In : Testimonial 
About 15 years ago I decided that I needed financial advice to ensure my financial security in my retirement years. 
I became a client of Tudor Investassure. It all went smoothly and I was very happy with what the founder Michael achieved for me. 
Then an even better thing happened to me, his daughter Naomi joined the business and later took over the business.
The hand over went smoothly and I like working with Naomi. She’s an extremely efficient young woman. She does what she promises she’d...

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