I have an “overall” interest in financial affairs, but not the nitty gritty parts of it. I read the financial papers, out of interest as well as to be able to make more informed decisions.

There really is only one reason for me to engage a financial advisor; to make money for me, and act in my best interest. I have no doubt that Naomi goes the extra mile for her clients; this seems to me to be part of the values the Rosenthal’s adhere to.

I started with Michael Rosenthal, who set up the right structures.  Naomi has taken over and continues in the same vein.  Things are looking good.

In my view, a financial advisor has to be transparent, honest and straight forward. Naomi definitely fits the bill, she acts, guides and advises in my best interest.

I want to work with people whom I know and I can trust. There is a long standing family connection between the Basa’s and the Rosenthal’s, which is important. I have come across some cowboys in the industry and got burned once, and that’s enough.

Naomi sends out a bi-monthly newsletter which I read with great interest. They are informative and easy to read.

Naomi’s charging model is fair, this is after all a business relationship, and as long as I am making money I am happy to pay her what she charges.

Given my long standing relationship with the firm, I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who seeks honest, straight forward, professional financial advice.

Adolfo Basa, Carlton