“Finances are not my strong point — I don’t have a ‘numbers brain’ — so I rely on Naomi Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure’s excellent financial guidance. I can count on Naomi to do everything in her power to get the best possible financial results for me.

“By following Naomi’s advice, my financial situation has improved dramatically — in just two years I’ve gone from having a small super fund and no insurance coverage, to building up my financial portfolio and putting appropriate insurance safety nets in place. It’s a great place to be and gives me terrific peace of mind.

“I’ve also experienced another side to Naomi as she helped me out with a rather emotional family situation that required seeing through a complex and difficult insurance claim for a close relative. Naomi proved incredibly compassionate, understanding and professional; she not only fast-tracked the claim but also got a brilliant result. I was truly impressed.

“Naomi’s industry knowledge and willingness to advise and help her clients achieve the maximum impact on the financial front really shines. I strongly recommend Naomi as a financial advisor to anyone who’s looking for one.”

— Amanda Webb, Editor & Copywriter, Ryde