About 15 years ago I decided that I needed financial advice to ensure my financial security in my retirement years. 
I became a client of Tudor Investassure. It all went smoothly and I was very happy with what the founder Michael achieved for me. 
Then an even better thing happened to me, his daughter Naomi joined the business and later took over the business.
The hand over went smoothly and I like working with Naomi. She’s an extremely efficient young woman. She does what she promises she’d do, and I very much feel looked after by her.  I really appreciate her honesty with regard to what I should or shouldn’t do. 
Naomi has done real magic with my money and whatever she thought would be right for me proved to be correct.  Never, ever in my wildest dreams could I imagine feeling so financially secure in my retirement.  The results of Naomi’s strategies exceeded my expectations. She sorted my out income beautifully. 
September and October are really expensive months for me as some really “big” bills have to be paid.  Now even after paying all these bills, there’s still a comfortable chunk of money left in my bank account. 
Naomi’s customer service is second to none, I don’t have to worry about anything, she deals with social security issues and everything else that needs to get sorted out. 
There’s no way I’d leave Naomi for another financial planner.  I’m a stickler for loyalty, and having been looked after so well, why would I go elsewhere, it just doesn’t make sense. 
I’m more than happy to pay Naomi she does an excellent job.  I definitely get value for my money and what she charges is fair. 
Ann Rondeau, Hornsby