We’ve been clients of Tudor Investassure for 30 or even 40 years.

Although we decided to engage a financial advisor, we have chosen to be active participants in regards to our financial affairs.

Things have been travelling along in a good direction over the years. We meet regularly to discuss our financial future and the structures that need to be set up.

We’ve started out with Michael and when Naomi joined the business she was always part of these discussions.

Naomi is now in charge and we certainly feel that she’s on the ball and knows what she’s doing. The result is that Naomi provides us with sound financial advice and the results we’ve been able to achieve give us peace of mind. We value and appreciate the time Naomi puts in for us.

I have a team of people I listen to when it comes to financial advice.  One’s our accountant and the other one is Naomi. However, I also have some shares that I run myself. I do like to contribute myself and to some degree want to take charge of what’s happening with our money.

I do have the expectation that my financial adviser provides excellent customer service and goes the extra mile. I believe I get value for my money, and I am happy to recommend Naomi as a financial advisor.  

Ellis & Lyn Rosen, Mosman