Naomi Rosenthal has helped me achieve some really significant goals over the last 3 years.

Because of Naomi’s guidance and really practical advice, I’ve become completely debt free, in fact, I was able to save some money, and pay off two car loans.

Naomi is my financial planner, advisor and confidante.  Her financial “tough love” approach really works for me.

Naomi suggested I take out some income protection and trauma insurance. This proved to be excellent advice. When I broke my arm on a holiday, Naomi made sure that the insurance paid out, which covered my entire holiday. This wouldn’t have happened without Naomi’s help and support.

One reason I chose to work with Naomi was the long standing family connection between the Rosenthal’s and us. I want to be able to know, like and trust my financial advisor, and I much prefer to work with an individual rather than an institution.

Naomi is a good teacher and I’ve learned a lot from her. She ensures that I get involved in all the decisions and that I understand the implications of the actions taken.  Her only agenda is suggesting strategies and tactics that are in my best interest.

Naomi is there for me, whenever I need her and I get all the attention I need. She’s also very accommodating. My commute is quite long and arduous so the yearly review is held after hours and Naomi is happy to travel to my place.

Since I’ve started working with Naomi, my interest in financial matters has increased. In the old days I used to avoid looking at my superannuation statement, although I felt bad about it. Now I am taking a keen interest, and I am very pleased to see it going in the “right” direction.

I am absolutely confident that I’ve chosen the right financial adviser for myself and the results are proving it.

I recommend Naomi as a financial planner to whoever is looking for someone. I am a very happy client indeed.

Kelly Noonan, Botany