I knew I needed to engage with a financial planner for quite some time, but I was extremely reluctant, because of some bad experiences years ago.

Obviously I’m older now, have more experience, and a better understanding of what to expect and ask of a financial advisor.

A friend of mine had engaged Naomi Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure, and suggested that I get in touch with her.

The moment I met Naomi, all my doubts were gone. I felt reassured.  Naomi was friendly and very professional. This happened 3 years ago.

Naomi really cares about her clients, she takes the time to explain things in great detail and in a way I as a lay person can understand and relate to. This instils a great deal of trust in what it is Naomi is doing and how she goes about it.

Naomi actively listens to what I want and where I want to get to financially. She accepts that I am risk averse and guides me accordingly.

I fully understand that ultimately I am responsible for the decisions made. However, this also is a partnership, and by increasing my “financial literacy” supported and guided by Naomi, I feel much more comfortable making these decisions.

Naomi looks after my superannuation, helps me plan my retirement, insurance cover and cash flow management. I trust her to do the right thing for me.

Her customer service is great and she certainly goes out of her way to sort out things for her clients. One of the first things she did for me was resolving an issue with my superannuation fund. I really appreciated that.

I read Naomi’s bi-monthly newsletter regularly as they are easy to read. They also help me to improve my financial education.

If you’re looking to engage a financial advisor you can trust, is professional and acts in your best interest, I strongly recommend you give Naomi Rosenthal a call.

Kristina Dijanosic, Chester Hill