There’s a deep level of trust between us and Tudor Investassure’s Naomi Rosenthal. My mother has been a client for years.

I freely admit, I’m fairly financially naïve and trust Naomi completely.  Naomi is always upfront and transparent in declaring her fee structure.

I started out with Naomi on a smaller scale about 10 years ago.  But now that I’ve bought a house, (with my mother as guarantor), I needed to increase my insurance cover to protect her.

Naomi not only ensures that my insurance cover is appropriate for my personal circumstances; she also looks after my superannuation. And we’ve just we started putting into place a retirement income plan.

Naomi sits down with me once a year to explain what’s been happening and how my finances are travelling, and what we need to do next. She’s very thorough and explains things to me in great detail and with a lot of patience.

She keeps in touch with me regularly by email and she also sends out a bi-monthly newsletter. I can call her whenever I need to. I’m very happy with the level of communications she provides.

I definitely get value for my money by working with Naomi and I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a financial advisor as she’s got her clients best interest at heart.

Nicholas Monteban, North Sydney