I’ve been a client of Tudor Investassure since 1975 or 1976, first with Michael and now Naomi Rosenthal.

When Naomi took over from her father, I was more than happy to work with the “next generation”.

She’s bright, bubbly and full of energy. She understands people’s needs, and is transparent in regard to her responses.

Naomi is very open and I’ve found her advice very good. She really is quite a consummate professional with a good understanding of the current markets. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

Some of Naomi’s many strong points are that she’s responsive and available. She ensures that the paperwork gets done in a timely manner. She holds me accountable which is not always easy.  I’m, at times quite difficult to get hold of.  Naomi knows this and is very patient and committed to getting hold of me, something I really appreciate. 

Naomi really understands what financial help I need, and I honestly can’t think of anything else she could be doing for me. She provides efficient and regular email updates with what’s happening in the markets and as soon as there are changes she informs and communicates quickly and efficiently.

I have dealt with other financial advisors in the past. But I haven’t found anyone better than Naomi Rosenthal so far.  Her holistic approach and attitude; her excellent customer service and follow up are second to none.

In my personal experience, Naomi goes the extra mile. In my case, some insurance money was transferred by mistake through one of my super accounts. Naomi kept at it till this error was sorted out, something I’m really grateful for.  This really was a job well done.

A personal and trusting relationship with my financial advisor is paramount for me.  Naomi is clear headed, empathetic and at the same time provides support when needed. However, she’s professional enough to maintain discipline and distance to provide sound financial advice.

As a finance director, I keep abreast with what’s going on in the market place. I have a very clear understanding what my financial advisor can and cannot achieve for me. We jointly discuss my personal circumstances; work out the best strategies for my financial future. These conversations always are very good and efficient.

As a matter of principle, I reassess the relationship with my financial advisor every 2 – 3 years, and so far, after almost 40 years of being a client of Tudor Investassure, I can’t find any reason to take my business elsewhere.

I have referred and will continue to refer people to Naomi Rosenthal, she does an excellent job. Her charges are fair and certainly good value for money.

Phil Beale, Toronto