While working with a business coach defining my personal goals, it became clear that I needed a financial advisor to help me get my finances, in particular my superannuation, into shape.

My coach recommended I’d get in touch with Naomi Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure in Sydney.

I like Naomi.  She’s very personable and able to explain things in a very simple, easy to understand manner. She’s considerate of my personal circumstances and laid out a plan which she followed through to the letter.

When I fell pregnant the original plan needed adapting. Naomi was most flexible and helpful making sure every aspect of my changed situation was taken care of.

I feel cared for and looked after by Naomi and her team. All of them are there for me whenever I need them. They are very accommodating, courteous and happy to explain things in a way I can easily understand. If I need something, I just pick up the phone and know there will be someone to help me out. This is very reassuring.

The reporting Naomi provides is really good and I find it useful. This helps me to keep on top of things and proves to me that Naomi is on the ball. I am very impressed by the way Naomi approaches things.  She’s transparent, professional and her recommendations are always made in my best interest.

While I originally wanted Naomi to take care of my superannuation, financial advice covers more than that. We agreed that I needed insurance cover, such as life and income protection to ensure security.

Over the 3 or so years I’ve been working with Naomi, I’ve come to trust her.  I get a quarterly report and we meet once a year to discuss the situation and the next steps that need to be taken.

I am very happy with my choice of engaging Naomi to help me with my finances.   I have no hesitation in recommending Naomi to friends and family – she does a really good job and is great to work with.

Sandy Casaroli, Chatswood