If you run a small business, you’ll likely have considered a range of insurances that protect your business.
Depending on the nature of your business, you may need a range of covers for various circumstances. If you’re self-employed or in a small partnership, it’s essential to be able to keep the business going if something went wrong. Here, we explore business expense insurance.

Business expense insurance.
Business expense cover is your financial back up plan for your business.
It gives you the confidence to seize life’s possibilities knowing that you’ve got a plan in place to keep the business running if you’re unable to work. It will help keep your business afloat and ensure that, in the worse case scenario, there is still a business to sell should the need arise.
Business expenses insurance covers your fixed business costs, as a monthly reimbursement, so you can focus on your recovery – and not your bills!

Business expense insurance covers the costs of running your business while you can’t:
  • office rent or fees plus interest on your property loan
  • leases on cars, equipment or machinery
  • insurance and security costs
  • bills – such as utilities
  • salaries and staff superannuation (for employees who don’t generate any business revenue)
  • costs of a locum to help out while you focus on getting better.

At Tudor Investassure, we ensure that while you’re recuperating from an illness or injury,
your business stays fit and healthy.
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