I came across an activity sheet that I had completed as part of a Toastmasters education session a couple of years ago. It was split into three sections.
The first was a list of 10 things I needed to do to have a complete week, month or year. Looking back over the list there are only two things I’m not currently doing – the first because I have undertaken studies and something had to be put on the backburner, and the second because I just plain old forget to walk outside the office for a short break every day and enjoy the sunshine.
What are the 10 things you would do for a complete week, month or year?

The second item is a circle of SMART* goals that not only tie into the 10 things above but also cut across the 8 dimensions of holistic life – physical, spiritual, work, family, social, financial security, mental improvement and fun.
I’m pleased to say I’ve achieved some of the goals I set down (which means it’s time to put some new ones in!), some are an ongoing and potentially lifelong challenge (such as not getting frustrated with my parents!) and others I’m still very much working on and pleased with my current progress.
I think it’s important to have goals that cross these 8 areas as it ensures you are working on all aspects of your life at any given time.
What would you put in each piece of the pie?

The final section was a list of strengths and weaknesses. By keeping in focus what I’m good at means I can continue to polish and hone these skills and give my best to my clients, friends and family and understanding where I struggle gives me challenges to work on (or situations to avoid!). Having a clear sense of my capabilities and potential keeps me grounded and always striving to improve.
What traits or talents make you proud and where do you want to improve?

Doing things you enjoy in life on a daily basis tempers your ongoing responsibilities and having clear and achievable goals to attain gives you a sense of purpose and well-being.

As financial planners, we help you set realistic financial goals, and show you a path for you to achieve financial security and prosperity in your life.

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*Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, Time-bound