Where does the year go? It seems just a few short months ago we were worrying about economic depression and market volatility was at an all time high.
With the world still trying to recover from the biggest recession since the Great Depression, volatility is still a concern to many investors.
In this issue, we explore how you can successfully ignore market fluctuations and focus on what's important; we offer some great tips on how to feel good about your purchases; and provide some ideas on setting goals and getting yourself in a great position for a successful and happy

*People who use financial advisers are:

  • Happier with their investments;
  • Wealthier;
  • More engaged with their finances; and
  • Have certainty and control over their financial future

*AFA White Paper, July 2010, 'Back to Basics', prepared by Coredata brandmanagement


Is this card familiar to you?
If so, you're one of our VIP clients receiving a birthday card.
Who is nonzdesign?
Your financial planning consultant Naomi Rosenthal, is a hobby craftist making unique, one of a kind cards for any occasion. She has used this origami design to create the 'Tudor' card and hand crafts the flowers in her spare (!?) time.
While it will remain a hobby for some time to come, Naomi would love to see this activity flourish and reap rewards in the future.