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Claims Stories.

Trauma Claim Paid May 2012 for Breast Cancer.

After a routine mammogram, Janet was diagnosed with breast cancer. With a trauma policy in place, she was able to claim the full benefit.

1. Why did you get this cover in the first place?
"I took the cover on the advice of my financial advisor, Naomi Rosenthal. Although I resisted another expense on my already strained budget, she highlighted the advantages of having some protection should I be unable to work due to ill-health. As it turned out it was one of the best decisons of my life."

2. What was the event that led to your claim?
"I was recalled after a routine mammogram and received a diagnosis of breast cancer."
3. How did you know to submit a claim to the insurer?
"I called Naomi to get advice and she organised the insurer to send claim forms to me. I was expecting maybe a couple of hundred dollars a week, and that would have been helpful with expenses and time off work, but what I actually got far exceeded my expectations."
4. How will having this money help you?
"I am SO grateful to have the money. I am grateful every day that I took out that insurance. Having the money relieved an enormous amount of stress - just enormous. It was such a huge relief to know I didn't need to make any rash decisions about work, that I could take the time I needed away from work for my treatments without wondering how I was going to pay the bills. When you face a life-threatening illness there is enough stress in dealing with that. Knowing I didn't have to worry about money was like a blessed gift."
5. What would you say to others who don’t have this type of insurance?
"Get it! Get it now! Don't think it ill-health or bad luck won't happen to you. I am a Naturopath by profession have a very healthy lifestyle and thought I was immune to those illnesses that struck 'other people'. Then I became one of them. Get some protection for your family, yourself and your peace of mind. If the day comes that you need to call on it - you will feel as grateful as I do."

Watch Janet's Story

General Advice Warning.
The information in the following video is general in nature and may not be relevant to your individual circumstances.  You should refrain from doing anything in reliance on this information without first obtaining suitable professional advice.  You should obtain and consider a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making any decision to acquire a product.

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Income Protection Claim Paid June 2012 for Specified Injury.

While on holidays in Thailand, our client broke her arm. With an Income Protection policy in place, she was able to claim under the Specified Injury Benefit, entitling her to a payment of 1.5 times her monthly benefit with no requirement to be off work for any time.

1. Why did you get this cover in the first place?
"Recommendation by Financial Advisor"

2. What was the event that led to your claim?
"Accident overseas."

3. How did you know to submit a claim to the insurer?
"Financial Adviser told me that I was covered for the injury through this insurance - I had no idea."

4. How will having this money help you?
"This money covers the expense of the holiday that was ruined by the accident and out of pocket medical expenses not covered by the travel insurance because of an excess."

5. What would you say to others who don’t have this type of insurance?
"This is very useful insurance as it could cover out of pocket medical expenses, especially in Australia. My travel insurance had an excess attached so I was not covered for 100% of the cost or the ongoing physiotherapy needed when I was back in Australia."



View more testimonials from our satisfied clients at Adviser Ratings.

Thank you to all our clients for your kind comments.

"The highly professional advice provided by Tudor Investassure Pty Ltd has cemented a secure and financially affordable future retirement. The wisdom demonstrated with the sound advice to keep open three (3) small previous superannuation funds, because they each included Life and TPD Insurance proved extremely valuable with 3 successful TPD claims upon developing an illness preventing further participation in the work force. 

The assistance and skilled case management by Tudor during this lengthy process was of an excellent standard and at no stage did they ever deter from the task. Most of all Tudor Investassure has shown a dedication to achieve successful client outcomes. 

With regard to managing the financial planning process, Tudor has always clearly communicated all recommendations and actions with precise reporting, sound ongoing market evaluations and fruitful regular meeting discussions. I have no hesitation in recommending Tudor Investassure Pty Ltd as a talented team, experienced and personally caring financial advisor and Investor."

Stephen Hawke, Castle Hill

“There really is only one reason for me to engage a financial adviser; to make money for me, and act in my best interest. I have no doubt that Naomi goes the extra mile for her clients; this seems to me to be part of the values she adheres to.

Given my long standing relationship with the firm, I have no hesitation in recommending Naomi to anyone who seeks honest, straight forward, professional financial advice."

Adolfo Basa, Carlton

“Finances are not my strong point — I don’t have a ‘numbers brain’ — so I rely on Naomi Rosenthal’s excellent financial guidance. I can count on Naomi to do everything in her power to get the best possible financial results for me.”

“Naomi’s industry knowledge and willingness to advise and help her clients achieve the maximum impact on the financial front really shines. I strongly recommend Naomi as a financial adviser to anyone who’s looking for one.”

Amanda Webb, Editor & Copywriter, Ryde

“I like working with Naomi. She’s an extremely efficient young woman. She does what she promises she’d do, and I very much feel looked after by her.  I really appreciate her honesty with regard to what I should or shouldn’t do.

Naomi has done real magic with my money and whatever she thought would be right for me proved to be correct.  Never, ever in my wildest dreams could I imagine feeling so financially secure in my retirement.  The results of Naomi’s strategies exceeded my expectations.”

Ann Rondeau, Hornsby

“We certainly feel that Naomi’s on the ball and knows what she’s doing. The result is that Naomi provides us with sound financial advice and the results we’ve been able to achieve give us peace of mind. We value and appreciate the time Naomi puts in for us.

I do have the expectation that my financial adviser provides excellent customer service and goes the extra mile. I believe I get value for my money, and I am happy to recommend Naomi as a financial adviser.

Ellis & Lyn Rosen, Mosman

“Naomi is very well organised and operates via a strict protocol and compliance regime.

Naomi responds in a timely and professionally sound manner. This is something I appreciate and value greatly. Naomi is much more than just my financial advisor.  We’ve not only become friends but business referral partners as well.

Naomi’s customer service is excellent; she certainly goes the extra mile for her clients.

I highly recommend Naomi to anyone needing a Financial Planner.”

Jim Ellis, Lane Cove

“Naomi is my financial planner, adviser and confidante.  Her financial “tough love” approach really works for me. Since I’ve started working with Naomi, my interest in financial matters has increased.

Naomi is a good teacher and I’ve learned a lot from her. She ensures that I get involved in all the decisions and that I understand the implications of the actions taken.  Her only agenda is suggesting strategies and tactics that are in my best interest.

I recommend Naomi as a financial planner to whoever is looking for someone. I am a very happy client indeed.”

Kelly Noonan, Botany

“Naomi really cares about her clients, she takes the time to explain things in great detail and in a way I as a lay person can understand and relate to. This instils a great deal of trust in what it is Naomi is doing and how she goes about it.

Naomi looks after my superannuation, helps me plan my retirement, insurance cover and cash flow management. I trust her to do the right thing for me.

If you’re looking to engage a financial adviser you can trust, is professional and acts in your best interest, I strongly recommend you give Naomi Rosenthal a call.”

Kristina Dijanosic, Chester Hill

“Naomi restructured my super and insurances and we meet annually to review the results and make adjustments to the portfolio based on her recommendations.  Although I would be a small client for Naomi I feel that she cares about my future and acts proactively to improve my super.

Since working with Naomi I feel more confident that my super is being well managed and I am grateful for her knowledge and engagement in my financial decisions.”

Kyla Shelley, Dee Why

“Naomi cares deeply about her clients, she’s engaged and interested about our well-being financially, physically as well as emotionally.  For us she’s become much, much more than just a financial advisor, she’s become a friend, and we trust her advice implicitly.

We have no hesitation in recommending Naomi Rosenthal to friends and family.  In fact, we suggest to anyone who seeks sound, honest and reliable financial advice get in touch with Naomi and get professional advice. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her. We’re 100% happy with what she’s achieved for us.”

Lesley & Alan Duncan, Chipping Norton

“I freely admit, I’m fairly financially naive and trust Naomi completely.  Naomi is always upfront and transparent in declaring her fee structure.

Naomi not only ensures that my insurance cover is appropriate for my personal circumstances; she also looks after my superannuation. And we’ve just we started putting into place a retirement savings plan.

I definitely get value for my money by working with Naomi and I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a financial adviser as she’s got her clients best interest at heart.”

Nick M, North Sydney

“I am more than happy to work with Naomi: she’s bright, bubbly and full of energy. She understands people’s needs, and is transparent in regard to her responses.

A personal and trusting relationship with my financial adviser is paramount for me.  Naomi is clear headed, empathetic and at the same time provides support when needed. However, she’s professional enough to maintain discipline and distance to provide sound financial advice.

As a matter of principle, I reassess the relationship with my financial adviser every 2 – 3 years, and so far, after almost 40 years of being a client, I can’t find any reason to take my business elsewhere.”

Phil Beale, Toronto

“I feel cared for and looked after by Naomi and her team. All of them are there for me whenever I need them. They are very accommodating, courteous and happy to explain things in a way I can easily understand. If I need something, I just pick up the phone and know there will be someone to help me out. This is very reassuring.

I am very happy with my choice of engaging Naomi to help me with my finances.   I have no hesitation in recommending Naomi to friends and family – she does a really good job and is great to work with.”

Sandy Casaroli, Sydney

"Naomi is extremely knowledgeable and professional in her approach. I was using a financial adviser for many years and realised that after the “honeymoon period” was over that I was not receiving as much contact from them in the form of an annual customer review. Naomi has been extremely thorough and personable and has conducted regular reviews with me. Thank you for explaining everything to me so carefully and for handling the change over so efficiently."

F.G, Balmain NSW, Mar 2012.

"For many years, I have neglected to get my financial affairs in order, preferring instead to wait for a rainy day and losing sleep at night. As soon as I met Naomi Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure, her personable, thorough and professional approach impressed me immediately. Naomi has taken the time to get to know me, my financial juggling act and my insurance and superannuation needs. I recently signed off on a plan that is affordable, achievable and the best fit for me and my young family. Thanks to Naomi, and her excellent knowledge, expertise and advice, I now have my financial affairs in order and just know that I will be able to retire comfortably when that time comes. Add to that the safety net that my insurance provides should anything go wrong for me in terms of an accident or injury, I am assured that my husband and young children will be well looked after. Naomi has always been easy to contact, shares her knowledge openly and honestly, and explains everything patiently and thoroughly. I highly recommend Naomi and her business services."

A.W, Ryde NSW, Feb 2012.

"I last wrote that Tudor Investassure saw my husband go into retirement without any problems, now at 60 years old I also no longer work and we find we have a comfortable lifestyle thanks to Tudor Investassure. Michael and Naomi always ask for regular updates as to our financial situation and adjust it as required. Nothing is any problem and they make themselves available any time we feel we need any questions answered. Only having a modest nest egg we didn't think it was necessary seeing financial experts, but it was definitely worth it."

L.D, Chipping Norton NSW, 2011.

"I have been a client of Naomi Rosenthal’s (Tudor Investassure) for the last 5 years. I have been very pleased with her services, professional advice and availability to communicate over this period. She was extremely competent in undertaking the necessary tasks and advising me accordingly. I confidently recommend Naomi Rosenthal’s services."

N.B, Northbridge NSW, 2011.

"Tudor Investassure, have over the years advised us on our superannuation and most recently the conversion of super into an allocated pension plan. This has all worked with a minimum of input from us and a maximum of good advice from you. Indeed we feel that your advice has contributed greatly to our current life style and the quality of life we enjoy. Thank you Michael and the team at Tudor."

P.H, Bowral NSW

"I would just like to take the opportunity of thanking you for all your prompt and caring assistance with my financial requests throughout this past year. As you are aware I find at times it is all a bit overwhelming but you have an ability to make it so much easier to understand."

P.M.R, Gosford NSW

"I was first introduced to Michael Rosenthal in the nineteen eighties when he was the principal of his own financial consulting business... I have no hesitation in stating that the advice and assistance given to me by both Michael and Naomi has allowed me to move into a comfortable retirement somewhat earlier than I first anticipated. Other than their extensive knowledge of the industry and the newer products available to enhance wealth creation was the fact that they listened to and understood our views, ensuring that these were of prime importance in their recommendations.  In addition they were able to have certain superannuation funds we had in the UK transferred to an Australian fund with the minimum input from ourselves and in a speedy manner.

I have been most gratified by the efforts made on my behalf by Tudor Investassure over the past four or five years and cannot recall a single instance when I was disappointed in their actions.   All advice has been presented in a most professional manner and we have been constantly pleased that both Michael and Naomi were at pains to ensure that we fully understood potential drawbacks as well as advantages of particular courses of action."

P.R.M, North Gosford NSW

"In 2004 a friend suggested we should see a financial adviser... We arranged a meeting [with Tudor Investassure] and within a short time they came back with a plan to see us through to retirement. Their experience enabled us to gain a considerable amount more money than we could have saved in a very short time. Now in 2008 they have seen my husband go into retirement with absolutely no worries. They explained everything, arranged the superannuation to be invested, giving my husband an income equal to his lifestyle. I now thank our friend for the best advice he could have given us."

L.D, Chipping Norton NSW

"I first met Mike in 1966 and attended his wedding in 1968. We have been great friends for a long time. During this time I have found him and his family to be honest, hard working, trustworthy, and above all, sincere people. It is because of these personal attributes that I feel 100% confident in placing my financial future in their hands. Naomi and Mike are a great team - nothing is too much trouble for them - in fact, Naomi is a dynamo!!

Tudor Investassure is here for the long term - they are always available to talk to me about any detail no matter how small: moreover, their discussions are in a language I can understand. Their help, service and advice is so reassuring because they way they treat me re: my financial needs, has that appreciated personal touch."

B.K, Concord West NSW

"I consulted with Mike about savings and superannuation plans, and he worked diligently to put a small portfolio in place, with an emphasis on long-term growth. Over the ensuing years, Tudor Investassure have kept track of my circumstances, and reliably contacted me whenever positive changes could/needed to be made. I have found their help and advice invaluable. I have pleasure in recommending Tudor Investassure to any and all who need sound advice on investment and retirement matters."

G.S, Lake Munmorah NSW

"After 30 years of working for Ansett Airlines, my whole world fell apart the day that company collapsed. I thought that I had lost everything. I turned to Michael Rosenthal of Tudor Investassure Pty Ltd and he took control of my finances. His dedicated work and knowledge was a godsend. He sorted it all out and salvaged everything he could from the Ansett shambles. His advice and knowledge on investing was invaluable and here I am 6 years later taking early retirement."

K.S, Arncliffe NSW

"On the recommendation of a friend, and before retiring in the year 2000, we sought the advice of Tudor Investassure with regard to our future financial protection. We immediately felt comfortable with the professional and personal approach offered by Mike Rosenthal. Since that time, Mike, and lately his daughter and business partner Naomi, have kept us fully informed and offered regular advice on, and reviews of, our investments. More importantly, we are at complete ease with the investments chosen by Tudor Investassure for our superannuation fund. The professional, personal and friendly service offered by Tudor Investassure cannot be too highly recommended."

N.N, Tea Gardens NSW